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Sinfosys DOC - Document management, often referred to as Document Management Systems (DMS), is the use of a computer system and software to store, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper based information captured through the use of a document scanner. Document management is how your organization stores, manages and tracks its electronic documents. Sinfosys DOC is a new class of cloud web based application that intuitively integrates Document Folders, Folder Management, File Management and Multifiles Management into a single application. Many document management systems provide a means to incorporate standard physical document filing practices electronically. Now, we can define document management as the software that controls and organizes documents throughout an organization. It incorporates document and content capture, workflow, document repositories, and output systems, and information retrieval systems. Also, the processes used to track, store and control documents.

Why Sinfosys DOC?

  • Easy to manage all your electronic documents and images via cloud application.
  • Our cloud DMS application is intuitive and flexible. Get started in just a few minutes!
  • Manage all your documents and images in a complete, time saving and cost effective manner.
  • Work from anywhere on multiple devices
  • Know exactly how many documents and images you have and manage easily via online at any moment
  • Audit trail, to permit the reconstruction of who did what to a document during the course of its life in the system

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